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Life in Fast Forward

Customer service lesson:

Called @HomeDepot about a water filter replacement. They walked over to the filters and looked around to help me. After a brief conversation including the Home Depot employee reading information from the boxes to me, we determined they don’t have specific filter I need.

Called @Sears about a water filter replacement. I was asked, “Do you have part number?” I said, “I don’t. Can you look it up by name?”. The Sears employee said, “No, the name is just a name, I need a part number. Without a part number I can’t help you.” She’s right. She didn’t help me.

I’m impressed with the Home Depot call much more of course. Left me feeling like I had called a friend who tried to help me out. Don’t get me wrong… I recognize that I could have spoken to someone else who wouldn’t have been as helpful.

Customer service is more important than ever today. I’m teaching my clients about the “Lifetime value” of a customer.

Home Depot had me at, “Let me see http://amplify.com/u/a1d1ce

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Life in Fast Forward

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