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Life in Fast Forward

Earl Heard, Founder and CEO of @BICMagazine and I recently met Janine Driver, NY Times Best Selling author of “You Say More Than You Think” (and @LyinTamer on Twitter).

“You Say More Than You Think” captures Janine’s vast experience as a law enforcement professional reading and using body language to influence a situation. Sometimes, life or death situations. Earl and I have started reading the book and as communication professionals we are both impressed with what we’ve read so far.

Janine is dynamic and gracious in person as well. Looking forward to finishing the book and following her career.

Here’s the opening quote from the introduction:
“Mind not only what people say, but how they say it; and if you have any sagacity, you may discover more truth by your eyes than your ears. People can say what they will, but they cannot look just as they will; and their looks frequently reveal what their words are calculated to conceal.” - Lord Chesterfield (1694-1773), Letter to h http://amplify.com/u/a1dzf5

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Life in Fast Forward

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