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Life in Fast Forward

Looks like Google has announced their plans for Buzz and have declared a “Time of Death” to make it official. Buzz wasn’t on my list if important networks so no big change for me or my clients. On the other hand, I am seeing some interesting strategies for personal branding and business with Google+.

Hangouts have real potential for some creative applications. One weblebrity, Felicia Day, used hangouts to promote her latest web show in a really smart and creative way.

Google+ doesn’t have business pages yet but you don’t have to wait to start building a community and branding. I’d live to hear your thoughts on Google+ for your brand or in general.

My Google+ profile:

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LOSER: Google Buzz; failed social network, RIP

“In a few weeks we’ll shut down Google Buzz and the Buzz API, and focus instead on Google+,” said Bradley Horowitz, Google VP of product, on October 14. The social networking experiment begun in 2010 will now be nothing but a memory. The changes go into effect this January. Jaiku, Google’s other failed social site, will also be swimming with the fishes, but Google + seems to be thriving. Forty million was the last member count. Will you join my circle?

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Life in Fast Forward

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