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Life in Fast Forward

Welcome to LSUSMCert Student Exercises Part II. Click here to complete student exercises part one.

Summary of where we are after the exercises from Part I

This is a checklist to help make sure you're caught up with the last exercises. If you missed something, click on the exercises from Part I to complete them.

  • You have a gmail account to use for your social media

  • You have a Twitter account and confirmed your email with Twitter

  • For Twitter, you've added a picture, bio, and link to your website

  • You've sent a Tweet to me @VictorCanada using the #LSUSMCert hashtag

  • You've performed a Twitter search for #LSUSMCert and retweeted or replied to one of the posts

  • You've followed others who have attended the LSU courses with you

  • You've gone to http://www.nxtsm.com and read the post titled "4 Fundamentals, 2 Non-Profits, 1 Social Media Certificate from LSU CE"

  • You've clicked on the links for our non-profits there and followed, liked, or otherwise interacted.

New Exercises for Part II

We'll focus our exercises on strategy. For this exercise you can perform the following instructions using your company, your personal brand, or choose one of our non-profits. If you don't mind, I'd like you to send me your work so I can give you feedback. My email is victorc at nxtsm.com.

  1. Write down at least one strategic objective for your online effort.

  2. Write down three specific audience groups who you need to engage to achieve that objective.

  3. For each of your audience groups write down three ideas or topics that will interest them.

  4. Write down at least one idea to connect each topic or idea with another organization or person outside of your organization.

Helping our non-profits

Visit the one of the sites of each non-profit. Find something you like and mention it in a tweet with a link back to the site. Remember to include the #LSUSMCert hashtag so we can all see it.

Our next exercises will be about content choices.

For student exercises Part I

To learn more about the LSU Social Media Specialist Certificate Program

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Life in Fast Forward

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