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Life in Fast Forward

The following exercises are for students who attend my LSU CE Social Media Specialist Certificate program courses. They're intended for those students who really haven't had much experience with Social Media. I'm publishing these so anyone can perform these exercises. Hope it helps. Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Social Email

Make sure you have a Gmail account. You'll need Gmail for some of the services we'll use including Google+, YouTube, Google Analytics, etc.

If you don't have a Gmail account, set one up by going to http://gmail.com.


  1. If you don't already have one, create a Twitter account (use your Gmail if it's a new account). Remember, it's ok to press "skip" for steps you don't want to do right now. There is a way to go back and perform the steps in the walkthrough.

  2. Once you've been through the process, go into your Gmail to confirm your email address with Twitter.

  3. Find the settings and design areas so you can add a picture, bio (160 characters), link to a website and any other choices you'd like to make.

  4. Send a simple tweet to me by using my Twitter handle @VictorCanada at the beginning and end with #LSUSMCert (Remember you only have 140 characters and with my name and the class hashtag you lose about 22)

  5. Perform a Twitter search by entering #LSUSMCert in the search box and press enter. You should see all tweets which include #LSUSMCert. In the upper right of the search display you should see a button which allows you to save the search for easy reference later.

  6. ReTweet or reply to at least one of the messages there. For a reply, be sure to include the #LSUSMCert hashtag.

  7. Be sure to follow your fellow learners that you see using the #LSUSMCert hashtag.

Connect with Me and our Non-Profits

  1. Go to http://www.nxtsm.com

  2. Find the post titled "4 Fundamentals, 2 Non-Profits, 1 Social Media Certificate from LSU CE" and click on it to go to that page.

  3. Read the through post

  4. Find the section on our non-profits, click on the links and follow, like, etc.

  5. In the description for the Best Practices class, click on each link and follow, like, connect etc.

Hope these help you get started. I look forward to connecting with you on Twitter and at #LSUSMCert

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Life in Fast Forward

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